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Yoga Classes

Yoga Styles


A great place to start if you have never done yoga or it has been a long time.

Mixed Level

A great class for getting back into yoga, great for beginners or intermediate levels.


Nidra Yoga is a form of meditation that allows you to tap into your state of relaxed consciousness, and lets your mind settle in a place between being awake and sleeping.

Restore & Core

This is a slow gentle class, Restorative Yoga poses are relaxed into with the support of bolsters and blocks to allow the body to unwind. Short effective Core exercises are interspersed to build strength that helps combat back, hip, knee and neck issues.

Flow Yoga

This is a style that incorporates energetic movements through postures. 

Yoga Shedule


4pm Beginners Yoga with Kata

5:10pm Restore & Core with Kata


8:15am Mixed Level Yoga with Gina


8:15am Mixed Level Yoga with Gina

4:30pm Gentle Yoga & Yoga Nidra with Gina


10am Deep Stretch with Kata

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